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Saft Lithium Battery
Saft Lithium Batteries are used for high voltage working conditions. Designed as per REACH, RoHS and IEC specifications, these batteries can be used for maximum 20 years. These have  -60 degree C to 150 degree C operating temperature range.
Tadiran Lithium Battery
Tadiran Lithium Batteries are appreciated for their prolonged working life (maximum 40years) for their <1% self discharge rate per hour. These cells have been designed as per WEEE EC, RoHS and REACH standards.
Forte Lithium Battery
Forte Lithium Batteries are used for hassle free operation of different inspection tools used under high temperature condition. These leakage protected batteries are known for their high energy density level.
Photo Lithium Batteries
This array of Photo Lithium Batteries is appreciated for its low self discharge rate and wide operating temperature range. Known for their low maintenance charge, these have maximum 1800 mA recommended continuous current.
CNC Machine Batteries
This assortment of CNC Machine Batteries can be operated under -40 degree C to 85 degree C temperature range. Known for their energy efficient mechanism, these energy storage cells  are available with 1 year of warranty period.
Presence of stainless steel Alkaline Batteries can be noticed in electric torch, mouse and various other portable electronic items. These 12 gram to 15 gram batteries have maximum 15v nominal voltage.
Hearing Aid Batteries can be accessed in zinc air and lithium air based variants. Simple to fit, these batteries have maximum 1.45 v voltage. These high energy density batteries have small shape and these are light in weight.

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